My story

Cek Franceschetti is a musician who went his own way, knowing his musical homeland America and returning with a suitcase full of blues, folk and rock moods.

A unique character on the blues circuit, Andrea “Cek” Franceschetti has been playing since the early 1990s
and continues to churn out excellent records under his own name, and to collaborate with many other musicians including Louisiana Red,Jamie Dolce,Elizabeth Lee kozmic Mojo,Pietro Maria Tisi ,Mirko Dettori and Carlo Poddighe.

Guitarist, singer and author,in 2002 he forms the band Cek Out with Paolo Xeres and Marco Xeres, they record two albums: “Broken and Hungry” (2003) and “I Just Don’t Know” (2005) The success of these albums leads them to play in numerous blues festivals, sharing the stage with many artists of the Italian and international Blues scene. Opening act for Treves Blues Band,Dr John, Kenny Neal,John Mooney,Eric Sardinas,Alvin Youngblood Hart,Nine Below Zero and many more.

From 2004 to 2007 he plays with the American bluesman Louisiana Red: “… Red was the blues himself, playing with him was a new experience, in each concert where he started without a list of songs and we played with him, being inspired by his stories and his inexhaustible energy … “

From 2008 to 2014, with Pietro Maria Tisi and Carlo Poddighe, he forms the Cek Deluxe. The Deluxe publish 2 albums: Royal Rumble and Hanging Bags.
They play extensively throughout Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and the USA: Magic Blues Festival,Roots ‘n’Blues Festival Parma,Delta Blues Rovigo,Festa Radio Onda D’Urto,Deck Bar New Orleans, Gin Mill Indiano la Mississippi,Rum Boogie Cafè Memphis,King Palace cafè Memphis,Austin Texas,Saul Ste Marie Ontario.

In 2009 he won the Italian competition of the International Blues Challenge, which led him to play in Memphis with 60 other artists from all over the world.He then went on a one month-long American tour with the Cek Deluxe in the homeland of Blues. In 2014 he releases the solo album “One Man Stand” with harmonica and bass drum in one man band style.

In 2018 he releases the album “Blues Tricks” with original songs and some reinterpretations of blues classics: 30 June 2021 he releasesfor Slang Record label the new album “SARNEGHERA STOMP”





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